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How Did i get roaches

No one wants to shoulder the blame when it comes to a roach infestation at home. They may come from your neighbor’s property, or they may enter your house from their outside habitat. How do roaches get in the house? Two species of roaches get in the house by hitchhiking in grocery bags, cardboard boxes, luggage or furniture. Cockroaches carry many diseases and can cause several health issues in humans including food poisoning and can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. 

Roach vs waterbug

  • This is your typical cockroach. Notice the round body shape, wings and brownish color. They are also usually smaller in size than a water bug and their habitat is vastly different.
  • Water bugs tend to live in water. They can actually hold their breath for a long time, but do have to resurface. They can bite if they are handled. They rarely enter homes and prefer to eat other insects and creatures in the water rather than scavenge like cockroaches.

Treating Infestations

  • Roaches have the ability to crawl through paper thin cracks. Looking for openings in your baseboards or floorboards, cracks in windows, and underneath doors. This also includes sealing leaking pipes to eliminate all avenues to food and water.

  • Sanitation. Just the tiniest bit of food can encourage roach infestation. Crumbs, open containers of your pet’s food all serve as an invitation. It’s imperative to properly dispose of mice fecal matter.

  • Removal. There are a variety of devices and tools we   use to stop roaches from making it into your home with a barrier treatment or bait stations.

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We practice the best approach for Roach eradication. We focus on getting you results.  We hire and train the best exterminators in the Tri-state area and use the best products and equipment available to our industry. This allows us to pass the value down to our clients and offer a top-rated service with the longest warranty

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