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What is this bug in my bathroom?

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Why are there bugs in my bathroom?

tiny bugs love moisture that’s one of the biggest reasons why bugs are attracted to your bathroom. The best place for bugs to thrive is an area that has a lot of moisture and or humidity and some sort of food. A lot of bugs end up in your sink or tub mostly because they fell in and can’t get back out. Other bugs come in through drains cracks crevices and window seals.

What are the tiny bugs in my bathroom?

This is a commonly asked question and I’m going to help you identify what pest issue you might be dealing with. The most common bug found in your bathroom it’s probably drain flies. If it has wings and it’s mostly hanging out by your drains or hanging out on the wall it’s more than likely drain flies. They look like tiny black fuzzy moths, and the presence of these bugs usually indicates that you’re having plumbing problems. Drain flies infest and populate very rapidly. They breed and live in organic matter and it’s late stage of decay. To eliminate these bugs on your own you can often pour boiling hot water down the drain on an everyday basis. If you’re experiencing a drain fly problem please reach out to your local exterminator for servicing.

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Do cockroaches come up from the drain?

Roaches love to live in moist dark and non freezing areas. This means under the sink and in your drains are ideal areas for roaches to live. It’s very common for apartments and townhouses to pass a cockroach problem to their neighbors because they share walls and Plumbing. It’s a very common to get roaches through your drains in urban areas.

Cockroaches commonly go through apartment not only through the drains but also through entry points such as cracks and crevices in wall voids. It’s very common from roaches to be passed through boxes or clothing due to roach eggs. Majority of roaches detach their egg sack.

How did I get stink bugs in my bathroom?

Stink bugs are common pest throughout America. Just like carpet beetles stink bug come through cracks and crevices all throughout your home. These bugs commonly hibernate in your home throughout the winter time and once it get warm they come out into areas with high moisture that’s why you start seeing them in your bathroom. By purchasing a dehumidifier and using regularly, this would help out with the moisture issue and your bathroom and will help reduce the likelihood of this pest from emerging.

Should I Treat For drain flies?

We often  have clients that are allergic to them. If this sounds like you then it may be time to call your local pest control company to treat the issue.

If Drain Flies buzzing around are just too much for you, EcoFusion Pest Control is here to help. We provide a protection plan where we treat your yard every 3 months. We offer FREE phone consultations

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