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GOT Mice?



The Truth ABOUT mice

What do mice look like?

To be completely honest mice are cute. Until they run across your kitchen floor then they get scary. Mice are small rodents that can fit into really tiny holes. Holes as small as a dime.

Are mice dangerous?

Mice are cute creatures but they are rather dangerous and destructive pests. Mice have health risks that come from the diseases they carry. Mice urinate and poop in areas where they are mostly in which can pose many health risks.

Signs of Mice?

When you are looking for mice you want to be on the lookout for rice-sized droppings. Also, be on the lookout for any food being chewed through. In full-out infestations, you can also smell the muskiness of the rodents throughout the home.


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How did I get Mice?

Mice come in through small gaps and cracks found outside your home. More common areas where rodents come through are attached garages.

How to Avoid mice?

get a trash can with a lid this can help from keeping rodents from getting in your home. also keeping trash cans 15 feet away from your home helps to keep these pests out. Avoid keeping bird feeders as these will attract not only mice but rats as well too.

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