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Bed Bugs


bed bugs


What do bed bugs look like?

When it comes to identifying adult bed bugs, picture a reddish-brown flattened oval about the size of an apple seed. Wingless, these bugs do become a darker red after taking in a blood meal. Newly hatched bed bugs are much smaller than the adults, are lighter colored, and are no bigger than a pinhead. Bed bug eggs are white to opaque and are so tiny that they are almost impossible to see with the human eye.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

No bed bugs are not dangerous. They can be extremely uncomfortable especially in the elderly. Bed bugs bites swell up and sometimes cause sores throughout ones body.

Signs of bed bugs?

Blood stains on pillows and mattress also on the box springs. In some cases of serve infestation you can also smell bed bugs. Waking up to small raised bite marks, often in groups of three or four and often in straight lines or small clusters. bed bugs live in the cracks and crevices of furniture


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How did I get bed bugs?

There are millions of ways to get bed bugs, getting in an Uber, going over to your friends house, or even having your last cleaner over can all result in the same thing. Bed bugs have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, they are excellent hitch hikers.

How to Avoid bed bugs?

When more people fly both domestically and internationally, avoiding bed bugs is becoming more difficult. The easiest way to avoid an infestation is to take preventative measures. Inspect everything you put into your house before bringing it in. Keep your hat, bags, and purse off the ground when out and about. Before you even put your bags down on a holiday or business trip, check your hotel room.

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